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SALPay offers a complete digital financing experience in a single app.

Our e-wallet is paired with a Visa Debit Card so you can do transactions physically or online.

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SALPay Services

Send Money
Send Money

Transfer funds from your SALPay account to other e-wallet, local and international banks, pawnshops, or another SALPay account easily and securely.

Send Money
Pay Bills

Never miss your billing deadlines with SALPay! Settle your bills with over 80 leading providers ranging from Cable and Internet, Utilities, Credit Cards, Government, Insurance, Loans, Real Estate, Transportation, to even Schools.

Send Money
Buy Load

Purchase prepaid regular or promo load from a variety of providers: Telecoms, Cable and Internet, Gaming, Electricity, or Transportation.

Send Money
Loans (Up to 250,000 PHP)

Short on funds? Borrow money and get it right away via Flash Loans, or apply for bigger ammounts from our partner lenders via Easy Loans and pay at your own terms.

Send Money
Transaction Monitoring and Management

The SALPay app records the history of all your transactions so you can track and manage your finances better.

SALPay Visa Debit Card

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Withdraw cash
Free and Unlimited Cash Widthrawal

Withdraw cash from your account anytime at any UnionBank ATM without additional charges.

POS trasaction
POS Transactions

Go cashless and use your card for any purchase via POS payments

online trasaction
Online Transactions

Shop online anytime easily and securely in a few taps

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